Enhance the financial wellbeing

of your team

Reduce worker financial stress

Over a third of UK adults feel stressed about their financial circumstances

Businesses may lose up to 15% of payroll due to financial stress, with absenteeism, lost productivity and high turnover.

Help your employees to help themselves, and you’ll have a happier and more productive workforce.

Showcase your benefits

It’s important for your employees to understand their benefits with you

Employers often offer great benefits to their employees that they aren’t aware of!

If you can present these benefits in a more personalised and relevant way, then employees will really value what you offer.

The financial goalmapper

Help to empower your employees with a financial plan

By making the financial goalmapper available to your employees, they can start their journey towards a long-term financial plan, and be connected to resources that can further aid their financial situation.

You can also use it as an opportunity to share details about the benefits that you offer as a company.

How it works

The financial goalmapper is designed to be accessible through a link on your website or intranet, to enable an employee to complete a session in just 15 minutes, and receive a guidance report straight to their email.

After the financial goalmapper session, your employee will recieve an email with a report packed full of information and guidance on how they could improve their financial planning. We’ll configure the report to your business, so that you can use it as an opportunity to highlight your employee benefits and point employees in the right direction to find out more.

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Financial Health


The employee goes through a brief financial health check, to see where there may be gaps in their financial planning

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Goal Setting

The employee sets their medium to long term goals, in today’s terms, and sees what those amounts need to be when inflation is applied. The customer can choose up to six goals, with one mandatory goal as Retirement

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The employee uses our retirement spending calculator to assess what expenditure they are likely to have in retirement. This data feeds into a cashflow model which shows them the retirement pot they should aim for to meet their expenditure needs in retirement

The employee journey

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Click on Financial Health Check

We can help you add a button to your website or intranet, for employee to use to complete their financial goal mapper session

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Complete the financial goalmapper

Customers will get value right from the start, by using the financial goalmapper to help them find gaps in their financial planning, determine their financial goals, and model their retirement

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Receive a financial guidance report

Our report engine will produce a Guidance Report that is sent to the customer via email, giving tons of information and guidance on how to improve their financial planning and reduce financial stress. You can also include details about your business, including around your employee benefits. Your employees can run through the financial goalmapper as many times as they want.


£1 / month per employee

With a minimum of £50 per month

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